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Throughout history, dreams have played a vital role in both religious and cultural aspects of ancient societies. Although each culture had their own unique way of interpreting the meaning of dreams, most ancient societies viewed dreams as significant events. As the Age of Reason began to transform the world, the symbolic language of dreams became at odds with the literal language of scientific thought.

However, in the late nineteenth century, the burgeoning new field of psychology was beginning to explore the role of dreams in relation to the human psyche. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both developed separate theories of dream interpretation that have laid the foundation for the use of dream work in modern psychotherapy practices. Today, dream work is used in therapy to expand our consciousness, and deepen our understanding of ourselves. Like the rear view and side mirrors on a large truck, dreams can provide a completely different, yet essential perspective on our journey forward.

I work with clients to help them become more familiar with the non-linear, symbolic language of their dreams. This process often manifests very differently from person to person. For some, dream work provides insight into reoccurring patterns in their lives and illuminates inner conflicts that they were previously unaware of. For others, dream work offers a system of personal narratives that gives voice to their shadow side (those aspects of their personality that they dislike or are afraid of) that are looking to be integrated more fully into their personality. Dreams are also a wellspring of symbolic images that can enhance our creative, artistic endeavors and deepen our sense of spiritual connectedness. Whatever your goal in therapy is, finding ways to incorporate the depth and richness of your dream life can enhance the process tremendously and bring newfound vitality to your life.