Jungian Analyst
M.A., M.B.A., M.F.T.
M.F.T. License #44236

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The depth and emotional richness that a strong relationship can bring to our lives is truly remarkable. When our relationship is strong and healthy, we feel supported and connected in all that we do. However, when the person who originally was our most comforting refuge becomes our greatest challenge, the loss of that support can be disorienting and sometimes devastating.

People come to couple’s therapy for a host of different reasons: loss of intimacy, problems of infidelity, substance abuse, new baby issues, fertility problems, premarital counseling, sexual dysfunction, religious conflicts, blended/gay/lesbian families and parenting issues.

Most couple’s therapy focuses on rebuilding trust, improving communication skills, and identifying destructive patterns of behavior. While I utilize all of these strategies in my work with couples, I also maintain a uniquely Jungian perspective that focuses on the deeper psychological meaning of the relationship itself. When two people come together and form an intimate relationship, a “couple” is created. I work with couples to help them explore the deeper meaning of their relationship - the larger mythology of their union that calls them to re-examine their individuality within the context of the relationship. By identifying this broader narrative, couples can explore their possibility for individual growth while simultaneously experiencing a meaningfully shared life.