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Adolescence is a challenging stage of life that presents our children with the seemingly impossible task of resolving many contradictory feelings and needs. Their strong desire to be independent and identify with their peer group is simultaneously challenged by their desire for parental guidance and their need for limit setting. These conflicting needs and drives can be aggravated by elevated hormone levels, an overexposure to sexuality, multi-media distractions, consumerism and drug use. Additionally, their developmental need to revisit unresolved issues from childhood can make the passage through adolescence extremely difficult.

I have had success helping adolescents comprehend the enormity of what they are going through and better understand the consequences of their decisions and actions. By exploring their needs and desires, adolescents begin to experience a new sense of personal awareness and self-efficacy (i.e. belief in their ability to accomplish desired goals). This increased sense of personal power allows them to explore alternative ways to meet their needs and express their independence.

Adolescence also changes the dynamics of the family at large. Long-established roles are suddenly being challenged as parents struggle to adapt to the shifting needs of their teenage children. I work with both parents and their children to improve communication, build trust and respect, and maintain an awareness of the new parent-child relationship that is emerging.