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My work as a creative project consultant originally began within my psychotherapy practice. Over the years, I found that many of my clients who were writers, actors, directors, visual artists, and musicians began to notice parallel themes occurring in their personal lives and in various aspects of their artistic work. Creative insights and breakthroughs were occurring hand-in-hand with personal revelations occurring in their therapy. Today, I consult individuals interested in working on a project basis. I help them explore their creative process through a variety of methods: personal story, dreams, archetypal and mythological imagery, and somatic expression.

Some of the issues that commonly draw professionals to seek consultation have been: creative blocks; need for support to conceptualize or finalize a creative project; a desire to hone their artistic craft; struggles to integrate years of training; personal or ethical conflicts with their creative partners; difficulties with character development; a yearning to explore the deeper themes of their artistic work; and balancing financial or contractual obligations with their commitment to their personal growth as an artist.

Consultations can be scheduled in my Santa Monica office, in off-site locations, or via telephone or video conferencing.